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The Startup Guide Summit brings together startups, investors, public sector representatives, community builders, and key stakeholders from 60 startup ecosystems.

The goal of the Summit is to foster exchange and collaboration between these diverse stakeholders to find and match solutions to our world's biggest challenges through innovation and collaboration.

Through this event, we hope to create a platform that encourages the exchange of ideas and helps to create meaningful partnerships that can drive real change.

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After 10 years of mapping innovation ecosystems across the world, we now know that entrepreneurship and innovation are absolutely everywhere! We have learned that local innovation plays a crucial role in solving some of the most complex issues of our time. 

The problem is no longer how to find the next big idea, because to a significant extent, we have the solutions and the technology we need. We have mapped them, we have seen them; they are out there.

The challenge now becomes: How do we get them implemented quickly and sustainably?

— Sissel Hansen , CEO of Startup Guide

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Startup Guide is a leading publisher of guidebooks and digital content for over 60 international startup ecosystems. Startup Guide mission is to leverage experience and diverse networks to connect local solutions with global challenges, driving impactful innovation on an international scale.

Impact Shakers is a global impact ecosystem tackling societal and environmental challenges through inclusive entrepreneurship.
Impact Shakers mission is to create impact at scale by evolving how we build businesses, for what purpose and who gets to build them.

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